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Food, Animals & Fun FOBS

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Embroidered on lasting, quality marine vinyl. In the 6 years I have been making these I have had MANY return customers show me their still used and kept up fobs. :)

I do have a tendency to use black vinyl on the back for wear and stains. 

KAM snap closure. Easily pops closed and is secure. We do recommend that if a child is placing it on their backpack, use a strong glue ie e6000 or super glue to make sure they kids don't "lose it".

We make these here in our house #twotontessie  my 6-needle Brother embroidery machine has done a lot of work over the years. Jim cuts and snaps them after I have done the embroidery work. Sometimes he changes up the snap colors, so it may not be what is in the picture. And my thread color may vary slightly from what is in the picture. But we try to make them the similar every time.