Long Tie Mask

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The new non-pleated masks.

Machine Washable,  Air Dry. Still recommend using a lingerie bag in the machine. 

Repurposed t-shirt scarf from @rethreaded - I'm keeping them the original length to give you room to tie. Trim it down once you figure out your desired length.  Use a safety pin to re-thread in the fabric hoop. Also another idea is to cut 2 shorter lengths with the excess to create ear loops. 

I'll add one filter sheet in it. Pull it out when washing. Again, this is just landscaping fabric to add as a filter, you can add whatever you wish inside. 

Price increased for tracking.  We had to remake or refund several orders last time.  I can't do that again. 

Also make sure your address is legit on the order. Or put it in the comments when ordering.