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3D/Origami Adjustable Elastic Ear Loop, Nose Wire

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About the masks : Similar to pleated, but I have invested in some adjusters on the ear loops. These masks are fitting and comfy.

My masks are not intended to be a replacement for any medical grade mask, they are to help you maintain what you may be currently using during this shortage. Or a barrier out in public.

I haven’t had the time to “wash” them. You can either boil them or hand wash with antimicrobial soap and hang them to dry to keep the shape of the nose wire.

Once you bend the nose, leave it curved because it may get wonky, and the shape will mess up.

Again wash and/or boil them when you come home as well after being around patients.

Once dry you can press them to get pleats in it again if you care. I have added a piece of landscape fabric inside, to help filter and we  know landscape fabric lasts longer than dinosaurs.

Thanks, Aly

Take care of yourself